Editorial photoshoot at Villa Arconati

This editorial wedding photoshoot was the epitome of romance and unfolded on the grounds of a breathtaking Italian villa. The couple’s love story took center stage on a majestic staircase, where every step echoed the grandeur of their union against the backdrop of timeless architecture. The opulent ballroom, adorned with mesmerizing frescos on the walls and ceiling, became a canvas for the couple’s elegance and sophistication.

As the couple waltzed through the ballroom, a small Italian orchestra set the mood, their melodies adding a touch of enchantment to the editorial narrative. Capturing the dance of love amidst the artistry of frescos and the harmonious notes of the orchestra, each frame spoke volumes about the beauty and grace of this matrimonial celebration.

Wedding Planner: @carmenmelfi_weddingplanner
Location: @villa.arconati
Bride outfit: @mariannalanzilli
Groom outfit: @fedro_sartoria
MUA: @alisea.makeup.beauty
Hair: @paolotassellari
Florist: @eventandflowerdesign
Jewelry: @igioielliconti
Orchestra: @seven_seas_orchestra
Stationary: @cartadazucchero22
Preparations: @luxury_noleggio